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Lamaze International

American Academy of Pediatrics

Child Care Network

US Consumer Product Safety Commission

National Safety Council

US Department of Health & Human Services-Families & Children

Car Seat Resources
Safekids Coalition/University of Michigan, Laurie Brinky (734) 615-1520
Postpartum Dads: Helping Families Overcome Postpartum Depression (PPD)

Technical Assistance Alliance for Parents Center

American SIDS Institute

At Home Dad

Multiples Organizations and Clubs


If you are a Dad or partner, it may be hard to find information written or designed just for you. If fact, much of what you have learned may be coming from the "horror stories" co-workers and friends like to share.

Well, guess what? Being a Dad can be a positive and wonderful experience (see the stories below). It may take a little work on your part to learn this new role. And as you have already figured out, pregnant moms and your new baby/s don't come with how-to manuals. This may leave you feeling like you are flying from the seat of your pants. Or you have found your groove and are now looking for more information and guidance on becoming a great dad.

To help you on your journey, we have gathered some great resources. From stories that may make you laugh and learn about birth from a dad's point of view, to a lot of online resources to answer many different questions such as what to pack for Dad's Hospital Bag . We have even provided our list of recommended reading (in case her stack of recommended reading on your bedside is not already tall enough). And finally, looking for something to do with your baby once he/she has arrived? We have a list of suggested classes and places to go.

We hope you find the information here a great place to support your new role in life of being a Dad. If you don't see something here, feel free to call our office at (734) 973-1014 or email us at info@lamazefamilycenter.org and we will help you find what you are looking. Happy Parenting!

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It's My Turn....
Birth stories from Dad's point of view

Kurt: Four births & One Poem

Having been to four births of our own, I can tell you that each one is different. Quite honestly, whatever plan....
full story>>

Mike: An unexpected turn of events (well, turn of baby)

We were committed to a natural birth process without the use of drugs or medical interventions. We took classes to feel empowered....
full story>>

Brian: She was my atlas, my hero

It was New Year's Eve. Our baby was 10 days past her due date at this point and we were enjoying a quiet evening--as we do every year...
full story>>


Recommended Reading

Hit the Ground Crawling: Lessons From 150,000 New Fathers

By Greg Bishop - Find it on Amazon.com

The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips and Advice for Dads-to-Be

By Armin Brott - Find it on Amazon.com

A Guy's Guide to Pregnancy: Preparing for Parenthood Together

By Frank Mungeam - Find it on Amazon.com

The Birth Partner, Third Edition: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions

By Penny Simkin - Find it on Amazon.com


Things for Partners to do with Baby

Signing Smart baby sign language

Ever wonder what your baby’s trying to tell you? Give your child the gift of powerful early communication with Signing Smart for hearing infants and toddlers (6 months-2 years). Learn family-friendly American Sign Language (ASL) signs through engaging activities and songs. [See Schedule]


Every day is a new beginning. A chance to help your child develop his or her highest potential and strongest foundation for learning. Your child’s journey to success begins here. You’re here because you instinctively know what science continues to demonstrate: young children thrive on music. Experience a Kindermusik music class with your child and see why we’re the world’s leading music-and-movement program for children in early childhood. And, as we say, a good beginning never ends. [see schedule]

Baby Fun Time

Meet other moms and caregivers and get support and advice for your growing little bundle. In addition to a weekly topic and circle time, you'll learn learn songs, games and what changes to expect as your growing baby gets up and going! Baby Fun Time is geared toward the slightly older baby ( approx. 5 months and up) who is now more alert and more active. All this new-ness brings more questions! This series begins each session with group discussion on topics relevant to babies 5 months to one year old. Many mothers and caregivers find support and friendship here and continue these relationships outside of group time, as well. All are welcome to feed their baby during group, and all you need to bring is a blanket for your baby to play on. [see schedule]