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Each of our energetic, knowledgeable instructors combines rigorous training with personal experience in childbirth and motherhood. Our instructors are required to participate in continuing education programs and many are actively involved in related professional organizations, as well.

Instructors for childbirth classes with the credentials LCCE are Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educators, a certification offered by Lamaze International.

Deborah Busick, IBCLC, MS, RD

After 10 years of working with young families as a dietitian teaching nutrition and feeding during pregnancy, infancy, and early childhood, I finally had my first child (of two so far).David, we discovered at birth had Down Syndrome.Having a child gave me ample opportunity to put all my theories regarding feeding (and parenting) to practice.Having one with special needs only reinforced my commitment to prevention and education as the cornerstone of raising healthy families.Through early feeding, particularly breastfeeding we learn to bond and listen.  Breastfeeding provides great nutrition, but more importantly mother and child learn to build trust.  This early feeding experience is, I have found professionally and personally, the beginnings of healthy, happy parents raising healthy, happy children.  

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Lauren Coffman

I have always been a maternal person, but it was after having my two children that I truly felt like I wanted to help empower women and families by helping them start their own families. My first son was born via cesarean section and I was fortunate to have a VBAC with my second son ( with the help of Lamaze and a doula). Having had a wide variety of birth experiences, I anm able to offer personal insight into the birth experience. I also have a Bachelor's in Business Administration and have over 12 years experience training and coaching

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Cara Genisio, LCCE, CD(DONA)

I learned first-hand how much of an impact childbirth preparation classes can make when I was a student. The class I took here at LFCAA made a fundamental contribution to the profound, wonderful birth experience that I had with my daughter. This is when my passion for childbirth education began, and I joined LFCAA as a staff member when my daughter was four months old. Before her arrival, I was an Elementary school teacher.

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Cortney Harris, BA

Hi my name is Cortney Harris.  I am a Lamaze Family Center mom. My daughter and I attended moms group when she was just 6wks old. We attended moms group until Olivia was a year old. We then joined toddler group and did that for the next year and a half.  I am also a previous toddler teacher. My daughter is now in preschool three days a week and I am excited to get back to teaching. I have a BA ZA which means that I have a bachelors degree and am able to teach Early Childhood. I am CPR and First Aid certified.  I taught preschool for 8 years before I had Olivia. I am excited to get back into teaching and meeting new families. 


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Jodie Hughes, LCCE

Becoming a mom has changed my life in countless and amazing ways! After completing a degree in English at the University of Michigan I thought that I would return later to pursue a career in academics. My own birth experiences, which started here when I took my Lamaze class in 2003, were the beginning of a new passion for me. When we welcomed our son and later our daughter in 2006, I was in awe of them and the beautiful process of pregnancy and birth! The knowledge, strength and empowerment, as well as the life-long friendships I made in Lamaze helped to prepare me for parenting and shifted my focus in this new direction. I realized that I had to pursue my dream and work with pregnant families. I am proud to say that last year I began working towards a degree in nursing. I know that I have found my path through continuing my education as well as by sharing in the mission here at the Lamaze Family Center. I am thrilled and so honored to be a part of such an incredible time in the life of a family.

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Stephanie Julian

I learned about the Lamaze Family Center in 2010, when I became pregnant with my daughter. After multiple failed fertility procedures, I was so excited to be pregnant, and nervous, which made me want to learn everything I possibly could about birth. The Lamaze class I took was very informative and greatly contributed to the feeling of empowerment I had during my birth experience. I began to realize that pregnancy and birth were my passions and that I needed to work with families during this special time in their lives. That is when I decided to become a DONA trained birth doula. I am currently working towards DONA certification and am excited to be a childbirth educator with LFCAA. I have a BA in Economics and an MS in Finance.

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Karen Kairys

I am a psychiatric nurse who lives in Ann Arbor with my husband Michael. We have three ‘almost-grown’ sons. I have been co-facilitating the Miscarriage and Newborn Loss group since 2001.

Bonnie Kerber, Marketing Manager, Instructor

Bonnie first became involved with Lamaze Family Center with the birth of her daughter in 2001.   In the years to follow she would have two more children and would develop a true connection to Lamaze.  Her participation in Mothers’ Group and Toddler Group provided much needed support, friendship and inspiration. She joined the Board of Directors in 2009 serving primarily in the role of special events and fundraising.  In 2012 she moved into the position of Marketing Manager and teacher. Her role involves marketing Lamaze and our classes throughout the Ann Arbor community. Bonnie also acts as teacher to both adults and children when teaching Infant Care, Becoming Brothers and Sisters and Parent Toddler Group. Bonnie truly believes that the first few years for new families are special but also exhausting, confusing and at times overwhelming. In her Parent Toddler Playgroup she strives to give parents support and education and model play based learning activiies, ideas and inspiration.

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Amy Lawson, LMSW, PhD

Amy comes to LFCAA after participating in numerous Lamaze Family Center classes and serving on the Board of Directors. Amy is passionate about Lamaze Family Center Ann Arbor’s mission to bring evidence based perinatal and early childhood education and support services to Ann Arbor area families. Having experienced firsthand the benefits of childbirth preparation and postpartum support, Amy’s goal is to make sure that all interested families are able to access these services. Amy brings to the position a background in both Social Work (MSW-Wayne State University) and Anthropology (PhD-University of Michigan). Amy is also a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator.


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Judy Lynch-Sauer, RN, MS, PhD

Judy has been a facilitator for the Miscarriage and Newborn Loss Support Group since 1985.

Maggie Mieras, LMSW, MPH

Maggie is a facilitator for the Miscarriage and Newborn Loss Support Group.

Lee Rosenblum

Lee has been a facilitator with the Miscarriage and Newborn Loss Support Group since 1994.

Elizabeth Satterley, Programs Manager, LCCE, CD(DONA)

I became fascinated with pregnancy and birth while pregnant with my son in 2005. I had an amazing birth experience and couldn’t get over how changed I felt. So much so, that I was inspired to help other new moms to have their own powerful birth experience. I left my career as a wedding cake decorator and pastry chef to train with and work for the Lamaze Family Center as a childbirth educator. I am a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE) and a certified birth doula with DONA International (CD(DONA)).

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Ellen Terpening, Ph.D., M.Ed., BECE, Executive Director

Ellen has over 20 years experience in the educational field and over 8 years experience in the non-profit sector. Her skills and areas of expertise are in program development, operations, community relations and sales/fundraising. She has a Ph.D. in Educational Administration, a Master’s in Education and a Bachelor’s in Early Child Development. Ellen’s role as the Executive Director is to forecast, design, develop and implement the annual budget and strategic plans for the Lamaze Family Center in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. She is responsible for fundraising, the day-to-day operation of the organization, including managing committees, staff (paid and volunteer) and developing business plans in collaboration with the board for the future of the organization. She also oversees and develops community partnerships, program development and educational courses reaching families throughout the state of Michigan. Ellen has been a resident of Oakland County, MI for over 25 years where she lives with her husband and 7 children.  Ellen is also a Foster Parent and she is a proud Grandmother of 4 Grandchildren.

Tim Terpening, M.Ed., BA

Tim has a Master's in Education, a Bachelor's in Psychology and an Associate's in Business Administration.  Director of Marketing, he has over 25 years experience as an Administrator,Teacher and Coach in a school setting for ages K-12 including Pre-K.  Tim is also an Administrator, Counselor and Mentor to Veterans.  He helps organize and assist homeless Veterans and their families in securing housing, employment and health insurance benefits.  Tim has been a resident of Oakland County, MI for the 30 years where he lives with his wife and 7 children.  Tim is a Foster Parent and he is a proud Grandfather of 4 Grandchildren.

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Sue Wintermeyer-Pingel

I have worked at the University of Michigan since 1985 in Hematology/Oncology, Bone Marrow Transplant, Gynecology/Oncology, and in Patient Support Services.
My area of interest includes psychosocial support of those facing a serious illness and loss related to this experience. I developed and coordinate the U-M Cancer Center’s Coping Through Transitions Grief and Loss Program for which I received the Ford Motor Company "Partners in Health" award in 2003. I have been a facilitator for the LFC’s Miscarriage and Newborn Loss group since 2000.

Stephanie Yost

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